The Golandsky Institute

Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, Robert Durso and Mary Moran established the Golandsky Institute in 2003, bringing the Taubman Approach to the musical community. Through the Taubman Approach it instructs pianists and instrumentalists:

  1. to improve their virtuosity and musicianship;
  2. to prevent and resolve their discomforts, technical limitations, and injuries;
  3. to provide training and professional certification to music teachers worldwide.

The Golandsky Institute‚Äôs training for teachers gives them the diagnostic tools necessary for teaching students of any level.  The training is conducted through private lessons (in person and/or online), lectures, master classes, performances, and symposia by a team of expertly trained faculty members and teachers.

In addition to these materials, the Golandsky Institute has presented an annual Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton University.  It also hosts workshops online and in New York, Philadelphia, Berkeley, Montreal, and Boston where you can observe master Taubman teachers in action.

Through its programs, the Golandsky Institute seeks to raise awareness of the problems musicians face, and the solutions that are available to them.

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