Studio Essentials

We all have basic equipment that helps us to have successful beginning students. Here are some of my essentials:

Piano Seating – Seat pads for setting up the exact seat height for each student. I use interlocking rubber or foam floor tiles (for gyms). They are light weight and easy to change as the needs of each student change. You can purchase them at Home Depot, Dick’s, and Amazon to name a few places. Even with an adjustable bench, I find these are necessary because the benches do not always go as high as needed.

Footstools – Many families have footstools that are adequate for students to use at home. But as in the case of seat height, for my studio I need to accommodate a variety of students. So I like an adjustable stool or set of stools. I have found a few online – there is one set of 4 interlocking footstools at Young Musicians Inc. and another footstool at Amazon with 5 adjustable heights to choose from.

Pedal Extender – As young students progress, they will play some pieces that can sound amazing with damper pedal. Having a pedal extender available at the lessons can give them the ability to play with a full piano sound and to maintain correct seating at the instrument. The best pedal extender that I have found is from CPS Imports. You can also find the same models and more on Amazon.

Stickers – all kinds. I use them more to have fun at the lesson than as a reward. But I also use large gold seals as a sign that a student has learned and /or memorized a special piece. Students feel that it is an honor to earn one of these seals.

Flashcards – I make flashcards for finger numbers in different combinations, for different rhythm values and combinations, and for finding specific keys. I have purchased a few sets of flashcards for learning notes on the staff and use them at lessons.

Magnetic Music Grand Staff Board – (has magnetic notes to place on grand staff) – for practicing line or space notes, notes going up or down, notes stepping, skipping and moving in other intervals, for building triads etc. I find this easier than having younger students draw or write these notes and patterns. This is available through Amazon.

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