What to use for proper seat height for young students?

“I teach a bunch of little kids who are much too low on the keyboard…It seems no matter how many blankets I stack, they aren’t high enough, or if they are, the blankets become too cushy. Do you have any suggestions for what to use/what to buy them so they are at a proper height?”

This is a great question. I use the rubber mats (pads) that are made for gym flooring. They stay together pretty well but you can tie them or put an elastic around them if needed.
– example- American Floor Mats – Sport Rubber Tiles. americanfloormats.com

Before using the floor mats, I used carpet samples, and they work beautifully also. But they are heavy and bulky to transport to recitals etc. and so I have transitioned to using the floor mats.

I do have an adjustable chair which also works very well. A few of my young students who have ADHD issues like the chair better. They seem to be bothered by the stack of mats.
-example- Adjustable Piano Chair – www.jansenpianobenches.com

I also find that having a very solid footrest helps children to sit still also. I do use the carpet samples under the feet when the foot rest is too big but something is still needed to keep the feet supported.

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